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1000 leads in 14days, $23,000 launch in 7days.

𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐓𝐨 Instantly 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐞 thousands of leads & turn them into buying customers by using SoulRichWoman Blueprint.


If you are a Woman Entrepreneur / business owner.

  • Struggling to build a brand and reputation on social media
  • Not sure where to start but you know that having online presence is important.
  • ​Not generating any results even after attending program after program....... usually conducted by MAN............they just blah,blah, blah, click here, click there, NEXT, NEXT, NEXT..................... does it sound familiar !!!


Soul Rich Woman Blueprint 2 days Hand-On Workshop to accelerate your business growth and immediately get started selling even if you DO NOT HAVE a website 
The 3 Secrets from Zero to 7 or 8 figures
  • Woman of Influence
  • ​Winning Offer
  • The Magic Funnels

This is a hands on and very practical workshop created for women by women. By the end  of this workshop, you will have one offering ready to launch online - to attract customers and leads without being salesy.

What you will learn in day 1
Welcome & Must Have Pillars To Create Clients THAT want to buy from you

*** *****Being a Woman of Influence, you must know your position and elevate your status online so that people will look up to you - chase after you and not you chase after them.***********

In Woman of Influence, we will cover:
1. Clarity
2. Elevate Your Status (Memorable or Forgettable?)
3. Finding Your People/Tribe = Sell to Everybody Sell To Nobody. Speak To One, Speak to Many.

Clarity in your business, service and offerings.
Discover what sets you apart, makes you unique, and magnetizes your dream clients online.
Being LIVE in our room and getting in the moment feedback allows you to identify and OWN your unique voice. (So you can show the value of what you do long after our 2 days ends, while being YOURSELF.)
Gain laser clarity around who you desire to serve. Get to know your crowd like the back of your hand and learn to speak their language to more easily attract clients you adore, who respond to your call. 

Sell to everybody, Sell to nobody. Speak to ONE, Speak to many.

Truth: a profitable and impactful business needs an audience of peeps who know like and trust you, right?
Otherwise, WHO would you make your offers to? We’re diving into HOW to create an online following of BUYERS, who are invested in learning from YOU and supporting your mission. Let’s dive into not just getting lots of people to see you as an expert and join your community, but the RIGHT people who qualify as DREAM clients who are ready to say YES!

Having a Winning offer allows you to stand out in the crowded, noisy online platform. In the winning offer, we will cover:
1. Discover if your offering is irresistible - to your potential audience. (Not YOU!)
2. Hook, Story and Offer
3. From Forgettable to Memorable

Underearner to Superearner. From Forgettable to Memorable .
Discover how to design a pathway to your offers that quickly transforms leads to raving fans, and fans to high paying clients. We’ll dive into the art of establishing trust with your audience by presenting offers that feel like a no brainer to your followers and DELIVER incredible value. Besides, it’s time to stand in your ZONE (of genius)! 

Mastery and Niche to cha-ching! 

Think about the moments when you’ve made a decision to become an  online follower of, or invest with, a mentor. 
Chances are you had a sneak peak of, or content sample that showcased, this leader in action. 
It became clear that their gifts could help spark your next chapter of success. We’ll be diving into your “Forgettable issues to Memorable BRILLIANCE” and the best way to deliver and showcase the work you do in an irresistible way that attracts clients who are willing to invest! Woo la la!
      What you will learn in day 2
      Welcome & Must Have Pillars To Attract, Sell, Wow and REPEAT

      The Magic Funnel :- 

      1. Do more with less (do business like an octopus)
      2. Step by Step Strategy to start selling more of your packages and services/offerings
      3. Plug & Play Funnel logic & flow
      4. Automated Funnels Review

      Align all of your inspired actions with your ultimate vision. That means that the moves you make day to day, and
      week to week in your business, ALL directly support YOU bringing your current goals to fruition. 

      It’s time to do MORE with less and 10x your F word .... Financial Independence. 

      In order to attract a steady stream of clients,
      it’s all about reverse engineering every offer and action, with the end in mind. This is my FAVORITE part where
      we reveal the TRUTH about sales and what it really means to extend a life changing invitation to another human
      being who is in need of your support. It’s time to end the legacy of shame around money that so many feel when
      making an offer and receiving financial returns (getting paid for what you’re worth) for the gifts they share.

      Would it be worth it?

      Finally 10x your clients and get Financial Independence... 

      Choice to work or not to work and still 10x your income... 

      Rebuild Your Confidence, share YOUR MESSAGE, pursue your dreams. 

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      USD $397
      "I’m thrilled with the results I’m getting from SoulRichWoman Blueprint 
      2 days Workshop." - Anna Ng
      "1000 leads in 14 days, revenue of 23K in 7 days as compared to 2 years of offline efforts of running a fitness boutique studio!" - Charlotte Mizuki
      Date : 19th & 20th Mar 2022
      Time :- 10:00am to 5:30pm.
      Online Zoom Training.
      1. Soul Rich Woman Blueprint In-Person 2 Day Workshop (worth $2997)

      Bonus :- 
      2. The Woman of Influence 12- Weeks Program (worth $2,997) - (Download)

      3. Business:Nowhere Super Bundle 
      (worth $997) - (Download)

      4. Email Templates and Swipe Files 
      (worth $997) - (Download)

      5. Little Black Book of Recommended Providers (worth $997) - (Download)

      Total Value USD $6585. !

      Only USD $397 Today!
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      When the timer hits zero, the special offer is over
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