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7 Secrets to Be Recognized As A influential Leader 
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I’m Genecia Alluora, Founder of Soul Rich Woman.
I’ve got an eBook for you called "You Are Possible! Personal Branding Secrets" that’s going to help you specifically with how to "sell" yourself in any market and attract customers, gain recognition while making a positive impact in the world, you won't mind making millions at the same time right...

So if you’ve been struggling with not knowing what to say on social media, or attract high paying customers (which sucks), then you need this Personal Branding secret eBook because, among other things, it reveals how to use the 7 Step by Step personal brand strategies to help you sell "yourself" in any market.

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There’s no catch. I’m doing this because I want to share this with as many people as I can, we've sold more than 100,000 copies of physical book at $19.95, and I want to help as many people as I can, if you like this then I believe you'll trust me and want to support/buy from me in the future.

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7 Secrets to Be Recognized As A Influential Leader without Having To Hire An Image Consultant That Cost You Thousands Of Dollars.

"This Powerful, Practical Book Is Loaded With Great Step By Step Personal Brand Strategies
To Help You Be Love, Be Respected And Be 'Yourself' In Any Market."

This is not a run-of-the-mill, beauty book. ​ Nor is it a Naomi-Wolf-kind brain book.
It’s actually a combination of the two – a quick-read for modern-day woman, who wants to feel good on the inside and out. This book would allow her to be a charismatic, shining brand; someone who is comfortable in her skin and has the courage to follow her heart and finds her own path, rather than blend in with the crowd.

This book will help you leave the best and the most lasting first impression on the people you meet and learn to respect, accept, and love yourself in a manner that others will follow suit.

After over 20 years of experience and work in charisma coaching, Genecia Alluora discovered that every woman is born beautiful. 

She just needs a bit of help in uncovering that beauty. 

This book will do just that. 

How can I be beautiful and charismatic? 

What are the powers that I have and how can I use it to change my life for the better? To make millions of dollar and change the world.

How do I build a brand that is essentially me? 

What is the best way to leave a lasting impression on the people I meet? 

How do I best use opinions from those around me to my advantage?

"You are nature's gift to yourself. Appreciate and preserve that gift."

What You Will Learn From This Book:
Secret #1: 
Determine who you are and the person you want to be 
Secret #2: Differentiate Your Brand and Stay Consistent
Secret #3: 
Leverage Who You Are
Secret #4: 
How to be Authentic Online & In Person
Secret #5: 
You must buy into your own brand
Secret #6: 
Find yourself a memorable visual "hook"
Secret #7: 
Engage others to build confidence in your brand
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
Genecia is one of the most talented entrepreneurs I’ve learned from.
Her passion for creating time freedom and financial stability through outsourcing & passive income, and her wealth of marketing knowledge creates a real powerhouse of value for her community.
Her step-by-step programs are easy to go through and jam-packed with actionable advice, helpful templates and swipe files which tell you exactly what to do, show you shortcuts and save you time and pitfalls in the future.
Hands down – an outstanding mentor.
Charlotte Mizuki - Lifesparks.sg
Genecia is an under cover extremely humble, brilliant and loving business woman.
She has a powerful story and knows first hand the magnitude of creating a business that works for YOU.
So many female entrepreneurs are the bottle neck in their businesses and it’s slowly sinking them.
Using Genecia's intelligent systems, tools and structures; businesses can break free and create passive income while still making a huge impact on their communities and most importantly truly being present and at ease with the gifts in their own lives.
I highly recommend following Genecia and taking action and implementing her system!
Anna Ng - Client Centric Property
Genecia is a warm vivacious personality with a certain down-to-earth quality that endeared her to our staff who received guidance from her on grooming and etiquette.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the session with her!
She dispensed very practical tips that some of us still remember till today.
"... Someone who lives her life passionately with full compassion."

Dr John K E Tan - Executive Director, CARE Singapore
You Are Possible!
Personal Branding Secrets 
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